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COSMETIC DEVICECosmetic skin care deviceReal aesthetic effect The DiaDENS-Cosmo device acts on ..


Cosmetic skin care device

Real aesthetic effect 

The DiaDENS-Cosmo device acts on the skin, blood and lymphatic vessels, sebaceous glands with weak current (micro-current treatment), ensuring a strong aesthetic effect.

Programme "Nutrition" 

• improving microcirculation, enhancing cell viability;

• regenerative and anti-inflammatory effect;

• intense hydration and intake of active mask components;

• sebaceous gland function regulation, renewal of the protective layer of the skin.

Suitable for all skin types. It’s used as an express care for skin regeneration after a negative impact on the environment (UV, wind, etc.) as a basic care for problematic skin (enlarged pores, mixed skin type, signs of ageing)

Programme "Lymphatic Drainage"

• significant lifting effect, facial oval correction;

• increased skin strength and elasticity;

• normalising muscle tone;

• unifying skin colour.

Suitable for all skin types. It’s recommended for regular application to skin tending to swell, such as basic skin care with signs of ageing, as a rehabilitation after plastic surgery.  

Result of using DiaDENS-Cosmo:

• increased elasticity;

• improving skin colour;

• restored skin pH

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