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DENAS-Vertebra is a device used for the treatment of acute and chronic back pain, as well as for the..

DENAS-Vertebra is a device used for the treatment of acute and chronic back pain, as well as for the correction of functional disorders caused by internal organ diseases, for rehabilitation after diseases and surgical interventions, and to enhance the adaptive capacity of the organism subject to intense physical and psycho-emotional strain.

The device is designed to provide a fundamentally new method of electrical stimulation based on "running waves", with the optional connection of up to 48 electrodes.

DENAS-Vertebra device works according to five automated programs, which cover the main problems.


The program (A) provides an influence on the area of the back, with modeling of the main effects of massage, provides the revitalizing and strengthening, preventive influence. As a result of antistress massage, stress and fatigue are removed. Such program can be recommended for an application to the people, which expose muscles of a back and a backbone in view of small mobility, lingering static loadings: these are office workers, people, who are occupied with hard physical work. In programs B and C there is a possibility of the choice of a zone, which disturbs the person.

The program (B) – specialized, which allows to struggle with a strong pain in the back, provides anesthesia at such problems as osteochondrosis, injuries, bruises, a radicular syndrome and so forth.

The program (C) – moderate and weak back pain, muscle strain, exacerbation of chronic diseases of internal organs.

The program (D) is intended for emergency aid at an acute pain. It is the classical program checked in many researches. The cycle of a medical session can be repeated several times (if it is necessary).

The program (E) – Individual prevention and therapy of acute and chronic spinal diseases. It improves the results of treatment of acute and chronic pain in back with course applying of programs B and C. DENAS-Vertebra automatically finds this problem zone and will stimulate it in therapeutic purposes. Also very important indication to use the program «E» is the effects that we're getting by massaging the spine with general regulatory actions.


When using the device, keep in mind that systematic treatment yields the most noticeable therapeutic effects. While some diseases require 6-8 procedures, others 8-12 and rarely even 14-20 procedures.

The device may be used:

  • As the basic treatment method in case of drug intolerance or contraindications to the use of other methods
  • As a part of comprehensive therapy to enhance the effects of other treatment methods
  • For the symptomatic treatment for various diseases and syndromes

There are contraindications for use. To ensure that procedures utilising the DENS instruments are carried out correctly and that an ideal combination with other treatment methods is determined, it is necessary to familiarise with the instructions for use or to consult a specialist.


The set includes:

  • DENAS-Vertebra (electrostimulation module and control panel)
  • Instructions for use
  • Protective sheet
  • LR6/AA type battery
  • Lightweight aluminium case for storage and transport

Technical specifications:

Power source: 1.5V LR6/AA (2 pcs)
220V (via power adapter)
Weight: maximum 5.18kg
Control panel – 180g
Electrostimulation unit – 5kg
Dimensions: Control panel – 140х55х28mm
Electrostimulation unit – 900х365x70mm
Pulse repetition frequency:
20, 60, 77, 140, 200Hz

There are contraindications. Before use, you should read the instructions and consult with experts

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