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OLM is a physiotherapy-based technology used for boosting health, as well as for the prevention, reh..

OLM is a physiotherapy-based technology used for boosting health, as well as for the prevention, rehabilitation and treatment of various diseases and disorders. When you need to recover from a disease, or simply rest and relax with minimum effort, the ideal solution is therapeutic clothing.

The therapeutic blanket consists of several layers. The external layers are made of synthetic fabric and the inner layer is made of thin synthetic metallized films, which function as a protective screen. This aids in minimising convective body heat loss, as well as in decreasing the intensity of the effects of external electromagnetic radiation.

  • Unique multi-layered structure

  • Modern anti-allergenic material

  • Universal size: 146*195 cm

  • Easy-storage packaging

In conjunction with dynamic electroneurostimulating procedures, the effects combine and the treatment times are significantly reduced.


A full-body wrap with the therapeutic blanket is utilised for boosting health, as well as for the prevention and treatment of diseases, including those caused by chronic stress. It improves sleep quality, general well-being and mood, while boosting the body's resistance to the effects of stressogenous factors.


There are contraindications for use. To ensure that procedures are carried out correctly and that an ideal combination with other treatment methods is achieved, including those implementing dynamic electroneurostimulating instruments, it is necessary to familiarise with the instructions for use or to consult a specialist.

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