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NEURODES-CARDIO is electrotherapeutic device for blood pressure correction is designed for therapeut..

NEURODES-CARDIO is electrotherapeutic device for blood pressure correction is designed for therapeutic non-invasive impact on biologically active zones (BAZ) of the person they are with pulses of electric current of low frequency for correction of blood pressure (BP) and normaliza-tion of the General condition of the body.

The device is intended for use in clinics, medical institutions, for home users and in domestic conditions in accordance with the instructions of the doctor. The device is designed for long-term operation. No special conditions are required for the session. Sessions can be conducted both independently and with the help of the operator. The operator's help is needed if the selftreatment is difficult or impossible.

The application of the DiaDENS-CARDIO contribute the normalization of tone of the vascular wall, expansion of capillaries, improve blood flow in the microcirculation system.

Owing to this:

• blood pressure stabilizes at an acceptable level for the patient;

• improves overall health;

• improves psycho-emotional state;

• increased efficiency;

• reduces the risk of complications of hypertension;

• improves the quality of life of the patient.

Indications for use The NEURODENS-CARDIO device is indicated for the course of treatment for persons over 14 years:

• with episodic increase in blood PRESSURE in stressful situations, changes in weather conditions, etc. in persons with labile form of hypertension;

• with stable high blood pressure in patients with hypertension — as a supplement to complex medical treatment

NEURODANCE-CARDIO uses following frequencies 2.5; 3.3; 4.0; 6.2; 8.1; 9.2; 9.4; 10; 20; 77 Hz, which are traditionally recommended in the treatment of hypertension, correction of blood pressure and obtaining a meneral sedative, soothing effect.

For the convenience of the procedures, the frequencies for treatment are grouped into four programs

• Program 1 is basic and is used in any variant of increasing blood PRESSURE (systolic, diastolic, labile).

• Program 2: with a tendency to increase diastolic pressure (90 mm Hg. art. and above) and with a tendency to swelling (on the face and/or lower extremities);

• Program 3: for the patients with unstable (labile) blood pressure, as well as with increased blood pressure on the background of endocrine diseases (diabetes, thyrotoxicosis, etc.);

• Program 4: for the patients with blood pressure related to psycho-emotional stress (stress); increased blood pressure is accompanied by a pronounced emotional reaction (anxiety, fear, panic).

Contraindications to use Absolute:

• individual intolerance to electric current;

• the presence of an implanted pacemaker. Relative — in these cases, the use of the device is recommended to coordinate with the attending physician:

• epileptic status;

• neoplasms (tumors) of any etiology and localization;

• acute fevers of unknown etiology;

• vein thrombosis;

• a state of acute mental, alcoholic or narcotic excitement.

Attention! On the background of the device application NEURODENS-CARDIO compulsory acceptance of prescribed medicines! Changing the regimens of drug treatment and reducing the doses of drugs taken is possible only after a persistent decrease in blood PRESSURE, in agreement with the attending physician.

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