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iHelp ‘Cone’ vaginal electrode to DENAS, SKENAR, Mercury, etc. Intended for vaginal applicatio..

iHelp ‘Cone’ vaginal electrode to DENAS, SKENAR, Mercury, etc.
Intended for vaginal application. It is used together with the most famous electrostimulators, electroneurostimulators, electromyostimulators and reflexostimulators in various gynaecological diseases.
Electrode size: 16х5 cm.
Indications for use
In combination with traditional treatments, the vaginal electrode helps to successfully solve:
female genital inflammatory diseases;
urinary incontinence;
pain of various etiologies;
pelvic organ prolapse;
other chronic female genital diseases.
Great in combination with Kegel exercises!
Caution! If you plan to use the iHelp ‘Cone’ vaginal electrode with any therapeutic device or myostimulator for sexual purposes, increase the intensity of the treatment carefully to avoid discomfort caused by electrical impulses on the mucosa.
The same is recommended when using the electrode directly for this purpose.

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