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DescriptionMAVIT Device for Thermal Vibromassage Magnetotherapy of Inflammatory ProstateDiseases is..

MAVIT Device for Thermal Vibromassage Magnetotherapy of Inflammatory Prostate
Diseases is designed to treat inflammatory prostate diseases in the period of sub-acute stage of
disease and at the phase of remission in – and out- patient departments as well as in home
conditions under medical administration and follow –up. It can be recommended for home
use only in cases that are not associated with rectum mucosa damage. The treatment can be taken
as simultaneously with the application of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory
and adaptogen medicaments so in mono-therapy regimen.

How it works MAVIT:

eliminates prostatic gland inflammation, improves its functional status;
fixes microcirculation blood flow in the prostatic gland and stimulates immune function in the surrounding tissues. When antibiotics are medicated, increases their concentration in the applied area;
has anti-inflammatory, anti-oedemic and sedative effect;
relieves pain and discomfort;
stimulates contractile muscle ability of the prostate and pelvic diaphragm, restoring their tone and facilitates proper secretion evacuation;
relieves symptoms of the lower urinary tract irritation. Reduces urinary urgency frequency, reinforces urine stream;
restores functioning of the male reproductive organs, enhances sexual potency.

Why to choose MAVIT?
Significant amelioration comes after a few treatment sessions performed with MAVIT.
MAVIT makes it possible to treat prostatitis without outside help.
The applicator is made from a material that does not cause discomfort during medical procedures.
MAVIT does not only cure the prostate, but also improves sex life.
The device does not require special medical knowledge or skills to operate.
Acute prostatitis
Chronic prostatitis in the exacerbation phase
Malignant neoplasm of prostate
Active tuberculosis or suspected tuberculosis of the prostate
Rectal acute inflammatory diseases
Rectal malignant neoplasm
Surface temperature of the applicator service area being immersed into liquid with
temperature from 36 ºC to 38 ºC is between 38,5 ºC and 42 ºC.
Peak value of pulsed magnetic field magnetic induction radial component on the surface
of the applicator service area is in the range 3 - 30 mTl.
Monopolar impulses recurrence rate changes in cycles from (25±5)Hz to (100±20)Hz with
cycle duration (12±2)s, average pulses ratio is in the ranges 3 – 11.
Applicator vibration amplitude in the operating mode (ON-OFF indicator (light emitting
diode) is actuated) - from 0,01 to 0,1 mm.;
Vibration rate changes in cycle from (25±5)Hz to (100±20)Hz.
Device run cycle time (ON-OFF indicator (light emitting diode) is actuated) is (30±2) min.
Alternating current mains voltage:
~220V (-10%; +10%) or ~230V (-10%;+6%), frequency 50Hz
~120V (-10V; +10V), frequency 60Hz
Power consumption: max. 5VA.
The Device operates in the intermittent cycle (1 hour run is followed with 20 minutes break) during 6 hours with following 1 hour break.
Electrical safety of the Device is in conformity with the requirements of IEC 60601-1 and its safety corresponds to class II, BF type.
Mean-time-between-failures is at least 3000 hours.
Mean lifetime is not less than 5 years.
Overall dimensions:
- power supply unit, max: 119х100х65 mm.
- applicator, max: 18x24x142mm.
Weight of the Device power supply unit, max: 600 g.
Weight of the applicator with the patient’s cable is not more than 60 g.

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