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The highly effective, multifunctional Malavit naturopathic health preparation served as the basis f..

The highly effective, multifunctional Malavit naturopathic health preparation served as the basis for the development of Malavit gel cream. Solution and gel cream based on it are the most popular products.
The gel form ensures the penetration of individual ingredients into the depth of the tissue and more effective skin regeneration.
Gel cream contains: neutral gel, glycerine (helps hydrate the skin), Malavit (active ingredient), menthol (cooling effect), grape oil (helps soften the skin).
The gel cream was subjected to clinical research in which it was used as anaesthetic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, regenerative, anti-oedematous, anti-itch preparation both individually and in combination with the Malavit solution.
The gel cream has been widely used in sports medicine, traumatology, obstetrics and gynaecology, otolaryngology and dermatovenerology.
The Malavit gel cream has emollient and moisturizing properties, helps cleanse and restore the skin.

Recommended for:
Face and body skin care as well as skin protection and rash development prevention.
The problematic skin of teenagers as well as skin with a tendency to redness and irritation.
It softens and cleanses the skin, helps restore it.
For skin renewal. It has a great deodorant effect.

How to use: Apply the gel cream 2 to 4 times a day.
The basic active ingredient of the gel cream is the highly effective, natural, multifunctional Malavit health and cosmetic product (purified water, glycerine, lactic acid, primary copper carbonate, copper sulfate, guar gum, cedar resin, birch and pine buds, oak bark, mumio, stone oil, chaga, herbal extracts (elecampane, dandelion, common marigold, yarrow, peppermint, thyme, coltsfoot, chamomile, sweet flag, sage, dwarf everlast, coneflower, plantain, celandine) for external use (including the hygiene of oral mucosa and intimate parts)*.

Contraindication: Possible individual intolerance of individual ingredients.

Cosmetic product for face and body skin care.

Storing conditions: Store at + 5 ºС to + 25 ºС.

Best before: 18 months since the date stated on the packaging.

Production form: 50/75 ml plastic tube, placed in a box with annotation.

* The author is a physician, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, an honoured inventor, Dvornikov Victor Mironovich. 

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