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DescriptionMAGOFON has a triple therapeutic effect provided by the combined action of pulsed e..


MAGOFON has a triple therapeutic effect provided by the combined action of pulsed electromagnetic field, gentle vibration massage and acoustic signal.
MAGOFON is used for treating the following diseases:
  • Musculoskeletal system disorders (osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis, scapulohumeral periarthrosis, arthritis, bursitis, myositis);
  • Neurological disorders (neuritis, trigeminal neuralgia);
  • Post-traumatic conditions (broken bones, internal injuries of joints, soft tissue contusion, hematoma, post-traumatic edema, fiber band and muscles damages).

How it works
  1. Magofon improves tissue metabolism and activates regeneration processes;
  1. Magofon significantly improves blood supply of the affected organs, brings oxygen and nutrients to the cells and helps to excrete waste;
  1. Magofon contributes to drug absorption in the affected tissues and enhances edema dispersion;
  1. Magofon reduces sensitivity of peripheral nerve receptors, which results in pain relief;
  1. Magofon eases emotional and muscular tension;
  1. In cases of muscle injuries, sprains, strains and bruises:
  • Magofon relieves pain and disperses swelling within the first minutes of use;
  • Magofon shortens healing time;
  • Magofon improves physical performance efficiency.

Why choose MAGOFON?
  1. Magofon treats the disease itself, not only its symptoms;
  1. Magofon facilitates healing both of acute stage and chronic diseases;
  1. Magofon has been approved for children from 1 year and older;
  1. Magofon shows noticeable positive effect after the first sessions;
  1. Magofon is easy-to-use, requires no special medical skills;
  1. Due to the wide application spectrum Magofon is a heal-all remedy for the whole family.
  • Purulent inflammatory diseases in acute and febrile states
  • Blood disorders: systemic blood diseases, bleeding and bleeding liability, liability to thrombosis , blood clots, acute thrombophlebitis
  • Cardiovascular system diseases: severe hypotension, severe coronary heart disease progression, early post-infraction period, the acute phase of cerebrovascular circulation disorders
  • Pregnancy
  • Oncological diseases
  • Thyrotoxicosis
  • Diencephalic syndrome
  • Pacemaker
The portable magnetoacoustic MAGOFON-01 device is designed for use at home and clinically.
• Magnetic induction amplitude value on the device working surface - 30±9 mTl.
• Acoustic range frequency 0,02-20 kHz.
• Acoustic noise pressure spectral density at 300 mm. away from the device (within the 0,02 to 20 kHz frequency range) 1 Pa or less.
• Power supply is realized from the electrical AC system:
~220V (-10%; +10%) or ~230V (-15%;+10%), frequency 50Hz
~120V (-10V; +10V), frequency 60Hz
• Power consumption from the mains 36 VA or less.
• Device weight max.0,7 kg
• Overall dimensions 200х60х85 mm.
Note: maximal deviation ±3%.
• Light indicated power switch on.
• Continuous work - 6 hours in cycles 20 min work - 30 min idle.
• The outer surfaces of the device body and power cord are resistant to disinfection with the following agents:
- Hydrogen peroxide;
- Chloramine B;
- Veltocept;
- Alaminol;
- Bianol;
- Veltolen;
- Lyzafin;
- Lyzoformin 3000.
• Average mean-time- between- failures - 1500 hours.
• Average life time - 5 years.
• Magnetic induction maximal value at 0,5 m from the application surface of the device – 0,5 mT or less.

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