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‘Dumbbells’ electrodes for DENAS, DiaDENS, SKENAR and other devices.  - external conductive ru..

‘Dumbbells’ electrodes for DENAS, DiaDENS, SKENAR and other devices.
- external conductive rubber and plastic electrodes for the treatment of hand diseases and for the effect on biologically active points and palm zones.
These versatile electrodes can also be used on flat feet, joint problems and more.
Indications for use
In combination with traditional therapies, the ‘Dumbbells’ electrodes help to successfully fight upper limb diseases:
arthritis and arthrosis of finger joints;
gout and psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis;
numbness in fingers, pinched nerves and neurological complications;
sequelae of stroke (paralysis in the upper limbs);
in the early stages of chronic arterial insufficiency in atherosclerosis;
deformed hand;
upper limb pain in diabetes and joint disease;
stretch or tear of ligaments, fractures and other types of mechanical damage;
weakness (hypotension) of hand muscles;
other chronic upper limb diseases.
By using the ‘Dumbbells’ electrodes systematically, you will achieve:
elimination of painful muscle tension;
improvement in coordination of finger movements and fine motor skills;
hand muscle strengthening;
reduction in hand and hand muscle cramps.
To prevent the development of chronic diseases, using the ‘Dumbbells’ electrodes is recommended for:
women with symptoms of autonomic dysfunction - ‘cold hands’;
persons whose profession is associated with long manual labour;
Principles of therapeutic effect:
Hand grenade electrodes are used with known devices:
DENAS / DiaDENS, using dynamic electroneurostimulation (DENS therapy);
SKENAR, operating on the percutaneous electroneurostimulation (TENS) principle;

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