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Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulator for stimulation of biologically active zones DENAS-Cardio ..

Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulator for stimulation of biologically active zones DENAS-Cardio  ,is suitable for therapeutic non-invasive (without breaking the skin) course stimulation on biologically active zones — the dynamic electroneurostimulation method for correction of blood pressure (BP) and normalization of organism general condition.

The device is indicated for people over 14 years with a labile form of arterial hypertension and patients with persistent increase in blood pressure (hypertension) as additional exposure on the background of taken drugs.

Electrostimulation of DENAS-Сardio, device contributes to the normalization of tone of the vascular wall, the expansion of capillaries, improves hemodynamics in microcirculation system.

Due to this:

• Blood pressure stabilizes to an acceptable level for the patient,

• Improves overall health,

• Psycho-emotional state improves,

• Efficiency increases,

• Risk of hypertension complications is reduced,

• Quality of life of a patient is improved.

DENAS-Сardio device is designed for a protracted treatment of patients with arterial hypertension as an additional treatment on the background of basic drug therapy. During protracted treatment of,

DENAS-Cardio device blood pressure stabilizes, overall health improves, leading to the drug load reducing. In addition, regular usage of the device is the prevention of hypertensive crises, vitally dangerous complications and possibility of lives of patients prolonging.

The device is very easy in usage, it equipped with an informative screen with large icons, a wide and soft collar for fixing on a wrist and a leg, a box for storage and transportation.

How to use:

DENAS-Cardio has two automated treatment programs which are designed to influence on the field of biologically active points on the forearm (program No. 1) and ankle (program No. 2).

For Program No. 1 influence on biologically active point-Kuan is exercised on the inner surface of the wrist (at a distance of 3 cm from brachioradial folds).

Influence on the Kuan with weak pulsed current that produces DENAS-Cardio device, has a sedative, relaxing effect, which normalizes blood pressure.

Before a session in the program No. 2 DENAS-Cardio device is worn on the leg. There is biologically active point San-Yin Jiao in the inner side of ankle,

stimulation of it adjusts blood pressure due to the normalization of renal blood flow.

One program perfectly complements the other, so to get greater effect we recommend to conduct treatment first in program No. 1, then in program No. 2. For a session you have to change

the location of the device (from a wrist to a lower leg) and switch manually the treatment program-from the first to the second using buttons on the front panel.

DENAS-Cardio programs can be used not only together, but separately. Recommendations for use of course applying: spend 1-2 sessions per a day during 10-15 days regardless AP indicators before a session.

In stable form of arterial hypertension repeat courses monthly.  

Package content:

    DENAS-Cardio device,

    user manual,

    plastic case,

    LR6/AA batteries.

Technical parameters:

    Power supply source: 1,5 B LR6/AA (2 pcs.)

    Weight: 0.35 kg

    Size: 120x110x110 mm

DENAS-Cardio uses 9,2, 8,1, 3,3, 77, 20, 10 Hz frequencies that are traditionally recommended for arterial hypertension treatment, correction of arterial blood pressure and overall sedation.

There are contraindications. For proper procedures with DENAS devices, as well as for determination of optimal combinations with other treatment methods, read the Operating Manual or consult a specialist.

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